Advertising Banners for Sale

Advertising space on this site is available for sale.

Types of advertising are listed below, together with pricing in Australian dollars. The duration of visibility is 365 days in total, unless otherwise mentioned.

Interview/co-authoring blog post with video and audio:


Interview/co-authoring blog post (transcript only):


Single mention on multiple days within an online program:

$66 per day

Single mention on a single day within an online program:


Single mention on multiple website pages:

$66 per page

Multiple mentions on a single website page:

$77 per page

Single mention on a single website page:


Multiple mentions in a newsletter:

$66 per mention

Single mention in a single newsletter:


Email to arrange your personalised package now!

There are 2 more alternatives!


Alternative #1

If you are a retailer of quality gifts or books, you may wish to purchase 10 or more paperbacks to sell in your store. This will entitle you to complimentary advertising on the [RE]BIRTH Stockists page, and a mention in occasional emails sent to the full contact list (including subscribers, members, and other international customers).

Alternative #2

It is also possible to arrange a reciprocal advertising agreement - please email to discuss.