BasicOr Bespoke

Pre-Packaged or Bespoke?

It's your choice.

Are you looking for a quick-fix, or a long-term solution?

What is best for your purpose?

Do you want a pre-packaged workshop that works and is delivered by an experienced facilitator and adult educator?

All workshops are guaranteed to work, because they're evidence-based.

Do you need a "Bespoke" solution that is tailored to your needs?

Measurable Change Workshops factor in the baseline of your workforce culture, incorporate measurement of that baseline, and compare it to the outcomes of the tailored workshop, as per your prerequisites.

Measurable Change Workshops show that the workshop has had an effect, and how great that effect has been.

You can ~

  • show the results (delivered in a formal report) to your Board of Directors.

  • use it in your business planning, and to generate more cultural change.

  • compare your immediate results to a 6-month or 12-month post-workshop measurement to see how well the gains made have been sustained over time.

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