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The aim of The Centre of Serendipity is to foster wellbeing and empower transformation through easy meditations, challenges, and eBooks.


Submit your manuscript if you think it will become one of the BEST SELF HELP BOOKS EVER - especially the best self help books for men, women, young people and students!!

Be sure that the book you publish is one of which you can be proud!


With a price that compares well to international editing, this service is hard to beat. The price for the "First Read" covers grammar, punctuation and the correct use of English words to get your point across.

Once you have received my initial review, you might choose to send your revised manuscript back for a second edit. This is completely normal, and especially important if you had major revisions to attend to. This time, we make sure that the changes we've made improve the flow of your book.

Then .. we publish!

Feel free to collect a few quotes and we'll negotiate a reasonable rate.

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The Centre Of Serendipity

The Centre of Serendipity fosters wellbeing and empowers transformation through Challenges, Meditations and the BEST SELF HELP BOOKS EVER -

especially the best self help books for men, for women, for young people, and students!! 

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