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Book Testimonials

Readers consistently report that they -

  • love reading [RE]BIRTH: Self-Transformation over Tea and Tarot,

  • love reading my blogs,

  • enjoy my writing style.

Those who try the suggestions in my book, find them inspiring, uplifting, and illuminating. They're never boring or dull; never too hard or overwhelming; and never disappointing or upsetting.

  • Do you find the thought of reading a book scary? Does it overwhelm you? Do you worry that it will be above your head?

  • Do you think, "I have no time to read just for pleasure", or "I'm too busy to read"?

People, who never read (for whatever reason), see my book and exclaim, "even I could read that!", and happily purchase it without a thought. It's not heavy reading, but it will get you thinking and believing in yourself a lot more .... it's happy reading!

You know you want it!!