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Book Review Copies

This is a self-help book.

Don't let the name fool you, it's not about divination or fortune-telling - it's deeper than that could ever be.


The first part tells the story of 'the fool's journey' - what it is to be born human, to learn from others, and to find yourself somewhere along the way. The next part invites the reader to explore different aspects of life, and especially through interactions with others, to come to a richer understanding of their experiences. Then finally, we consider how to use this new perspective - and how to walk the earth gently, dispensing hope.


Please note that requests for review copies must come from members of the working media, either a staff or freelance journalist reporting for a newspaper, radio station, television station, magazine or online news/literary source.


Review copies will also be granted to professors if they are reviewing the book (or overseeing the review) for a university publication, or if they are reviewing the book for possible inclusion in their coursework.

Please email my publisher direct, by clicking the button below: