Life Transitions
Renewed and Revamped!

What are "Life Transitions"? They're upgrades - if you know how to do them well! Otherwise, your life could just be "same ol', same ol'" where nothing changes because *you* don't.

Life Transitions Coaching is all about finding *you* in all your responsibilities, hopes, fears, wishes, worries ... and then helping you to steer the vessel of your life into safe waters, where you can plan for success

(and reach it).


I use proven psychological techniques, that don't feel like psychojargon - unless that's what you're looking for!


You get to experience a connection that is both friendly and professional.


And, if you stick with the program, you enjoy the benefits of every little success!

If you're in Newcastle (just north of Sydney on the beautiful east coast of Australia), then we could potentially meet in person. Otherwise, we could always use apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, and Teams.

What do you want to do today? The same? Or ...