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First Date Ideas

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Now that people feel more free to get out of the house and socialise, it might be time to think about dating again!

We still need to be careful, because covid is still loitering everywhere.

But, do you remember what it's like to go on a first date? Is there such a thing as etiquette now?

In my work, business and play time, I get to meet lots of lovely people (hi ya!), and sometimes, the opportunity arises to take those first experiences of acquaintance to something more.

I met someone recently through work, who wanted to pursue "something more", and I decided that this person was interesting and funny, so I agreed to meeting up on the weekend.

During the week, I put my thinking cap on, to find a place situated between our two homes, so we could both drive. That way, I felt safe in case this person turned out to be a stalker.

I found a butterfly house, and suggested it for a daytime get-together. I sent a photo of the sign board and let the other person organise, if they wanted to.

Unbeknownst to me, they booked and paid for entry for both of us, to the butterfly house and the shark & ray rescue centre.

Now, a first get-together of acquaintances can be just like a first date. Apart from raging hormones!

It's a chance to get to know each other, and discover if your deal breakers will be broken.

That begs the question, what are your deal breakers?

For me, it started when my acquaintance took photos of me without asking. As I was dressed, it wasn't so bad!

I had loads of fun, and really, was just a big kid at heart. My true colours were allowed to be set free.

I stood in a pool with little rays and shy eels. I fed sharks. I marvelled at butterflies being born before my eyes, and taking their first tentative tries at flying.

I fell in love with the prettiest bird I've ever seen. She snuggled into my neck and cheek, and tried to steel my earrings.

I was astonished at the tiniest seahorses and little clown fish (yes, I found Nemo!), and at the elegant beauty of a large olive python. Her scales were opalescent in the sunlight, and I understood why she was part of the rainbow serpent story.

Part of the entrance fee included a coffee and lunch - delicious but huge! We both got almond croissants for later, which were also ginormous and delectable!

Finally, we sat outside with the turtles and tiny birds, and enjoyed the sunshine. I didn't feel like moving and completely forgot about the kind and knowledgeable staff inside, who might want to lock up and go home. It was glorious.

But then, the deal breakers found their way into the conversation.

It became obvious that this was a relationship that would never be anything more. As we discussed socio-economic events and experiences, we discovered each other's opinions relating to things like politics, homosexuality and race. Our values were not just out of alignment, they were diametrically opposed.

While I might have approached this lovely day as just a chance to have a nice time out with someone whose company I enjoyed, the other person might have wanted a romantic relationship. I had to recognise this possibility and behave with grace and respect. And I felt the need to expect the same in return. And happily, got it.

The venue provided a lot of food for thought and conversation, and I think it would be great as a first date idea! Did I mention that when you purchase a combo ticket, you have unlimited access for the next 12 months? You could take all your first dates!

So, first date ideas ....

  • Timing - daytime, so you're less tempted to get your kit off and "stop talking".

  • Venue - somewhere you can walk around, have brunch, and talk naturally.

  • Conversation topics - start with whatever comes to you, but be aware of your deal breakers, because you don't want to go too far too soon with someone who doesn't get you.

What are your first date ideas? 💡

How about your first date experiences? Disappointments?


Remember, I love to coach! And you might like help to find someone special, start dating, or navigating a relationship. The methods I use have been described as freakily powerful. You'll love coaching! ❤️



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