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Before book launch

Full moon over water



Book roses

Sofia reading closeup

Julie MC Heather


Jane Marie Molly MCH

Jane W


MC Bek




Olga (reflection) Ken

Deanne Pauline Christine


Mark guest speaker

Travis Stewart Ben bubbles


Mark near banner balloons

Liesl Cathy Ingie David Michael

MC Bek close

MC Jane W close

Cea Ken Beth

Court Travis Stew Ben MC

Barb Liesl

MC microphone

MC turned head

Beth Jane Ken

Beth laughing

MCH microphone

MC reading

Miss Sofia reading

Ellen Jarrod

MC Stewart Julie's head

Cecelia Ken Beth

MC Jane W Ken

Cea Michael Ellen Mark Deanne Pauline Ch

Courtney Travis Stewart Ben MCH

Courtney Travis Stewart

Courtney Travis

Jane W Liz looking south

Sofia reading book

Jane W Liz

Ben Courtney

Bek Ruth

Ellen MC Mark

Milena MCH Julie Heather

Julie MC close

Jane Marie Molly MC original

Courtney Travis Stewart Ben

Photos by the lovely Olga Bell Photography.

Copyright held jointly,

Olga Bell & Mary-Claire Hanlon, 2019

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