Contract Research

The Centre of Serendipity and partners are active mental and physical health researchers

With around 20 years' experience in human research, I know how to design, budget, conduct and report scientific research. If you are seeking to change something in your workplace, I could help you and your team prepare. Why not contact me for an obligation-free quote?

I have expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods, so I know when is the right time for questions needing a Yes/No type of response, or questions requiring a richer fabric of detail. I've changed practice and policy in health service provision and made it easy on staff.

I also partner with Committix, who conduct bespoke research into how large organisations function, and how to improve that function through human interaction and cloud-based platforms. What they do is really amazing!

Affiliations include the Hunter Medical Research Institute, The University of Newcastle, Society for Mental Health Research, the Priority Research Centre for Brain and Mental Health, and Hunter Cancer Research Alliance (to name a few!).

Please note that various Post-Graduate opportunities are available for the right students.

If you would like to donate to my research (non-tax-deductible), please click the link below. Thank you.

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