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About the Photos

Apart from most of the [RE]BIRTH Book Launch 2019 photos (Olga Bell Photography), all the photographs on this site were taken on a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone by the founder, Mary-Claire Hanlon!

If you would like to use them, please contact me to request permission and include credit:

(C) Mary-Claire Hanlon (2018).

Thank you.

About the Logo

The logo was designed by Mary-Claire Hanlon in 2018. It depicts the abbreviation of The Centre of Serendipity ~ TCOS.

The most easily recognised element is the "S". At the top of this letter is a "C", and inside that is a small "o". So, where is the "T"? Look at the tail of the "S"!

Finally, all together, the logo is like a little seahorse (which, incidentally, is similar to the logos used by The University of Newcastle - Mary-Claire's alma mater).

Mary-Claire holds copyright on all images and all versions of the logo (all - sizes, colours, and uses).

The Centre of Serendipity (c) 2020


The Centre Of Serendipity

The Centre of Serendipity fosters wellbeing and empowers transformation through Challenges, Meditations and the BEST SELF HELP BOOKS EVER -

especially the best self help books for men, for women, for young people, and students!! 

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