About me ...

Hi, I'm Mary-Claire Hanlon ...

I’m committed to helping people to appreciate and boldly embrace who they are and who they can be, which entails honest self-evaluation and reflection.

What I do and what I write, can lead to deep transformation.

I appreciate the world and all it's intricacies, from many different perspectives.

My background includes higher education and health research, science and self-help, as well as big business and small.  I use all this, and more, in awesome workshops, training sessions, and award-winning conference presentations.

Over the years, some of my titles have included ~

Author, Project Manager, Site Coordinator

Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscientist

Psychological and Mental Health Researcher

Lecturer, Lab Demonstrator, Tutor and Facilitator

Manager, Workplace Trainer, Mentor, Publisher

Since 2017, I have been invited to speak at international and national conferences, and publish scholarly articles, on various mental health topics.

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My credentials: Bachelor of Science, Honours in Psychology, Doctor of Philosophy in Psychiatry.

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Here's a bio that you can use when advertising me for your seminar, conference, trade show, planning day, or workshop (it's under 100 words; please include the hyperlinks):

Self-help author and internationally-sought-after public speaker, Dr Mary-Claire Hanlon runs The Centre of Serendipity, facilitating empowering and surprising seminars and workshops for emerging leaders. An engaging adult educator and speaker, awarded for her mental health research, Mary-Claire uses psychological techniques to creatively produce change. She holds a Bachelor of Science, Honours in Psychology, and a Doctor pf Philosophy in Psychiatry.

Mary-Claire has written two self-help books. Her first book, [RE]BIRTH, is about self-awareness. Her second book, Study Skills for Success, is designed to help learners to learn better! Readers love her gentleness and depth, and her easy writing style.

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