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Self-Transformation over Tea and Tarot

Imagine you are at an art gallery, and an artist is explaining their installation. Around you, there are 22 paintings which depict a teenager (called 'the fool') on his journey of self-discovery and self-actualisation.

You see yourself in the story.

After the artist finishes, you wander through the rest of the gallery, appreciating 4 more exhibitions. One concentrates on life's vocation. Another's focus is relationship. A third reveals the power of learning, teaching and communicating; while the fourth is concerned with community and contribution.

You realise that all 4 perspectives are important, and reflect on their influence in your own life.

That's what this book is about: self-realisation.

People who don't normally read (because they are time-poor, or feel the idea of reading is overwhelming) are relieved to find it's an easy read! It's short, but jam-packed with gems.

Although based on decades of psychological and mental health research, it's not full of scientific jargon. It's written for regular people.

I invite you to come on 'the fool's journey' ...

Your self-transformation starts here.

Option 1: buy a book, and do it yourself, in your own time

Option 2: organise a [RE]BIRTH workshop (book included)

Option 3: [RE]BIRTH Transformation Retreat!!

If you would like to buy a gift certificate for someone you love to attend a [RE]BIRTH Workshop, please click here.

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