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Book Testimonials

[RE]BIRTH: Self-Transformation over Tea and Tarot - Voted one of the BEST FIRST LINES by Publishers' Weekly

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Readers consistently report that they -​

  • love reading my books and blogs,

  • enjoy my writing style,

  • feel empowered by what they read.

Those who try the suggestions in my books, find them inspiring, uplifting, and illuminating. They're never boring or dull; never too hard or overwhelming; and never disappointing or upsetting.

  • Do you find the thought of reading a book scary? Does it overwhelm you? Do you worry that it will be above your head?

  • Do you think, "I have no time to read just for pleasure", or "I'm too busy to read", or "I'm too dumb to understand this stuff"?

People, who never read (for whatever reason), see my books and exclaim, "even I could read that!", and happily purchase them without a thought. They're not heavy reading, but they will get you thinking and believing in yourself a lot more .... my books are happy reading!

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