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[RE] BIRTH, by Mary-Claire Hanlon (c) 2019

I thought I'd better describe my new book a little, seeing I'm currently launching it!

I've been raised in the Catholic faith, and I have a spiritual side, as well as a strongly scientific side (I have a PhD). But, I have a deck of reflection cards which are a great psychological tool, because used in reflective practice, you can learn much about yourself. I have been shuffling them for many years, so I get a random card upon which to reflect each week.

There is one card, which kept appearing every Sunday. The interpretation was all about patience - in seeing the value of waiting a little while longer. At the time, I was losing patience!!

One Sunday, I left the cards on my dining table for the entire week (don't judge, I was living alone!). Each time I walked past, I saw this card from a different angle and I learned a much deeper lesson. From one side, I saw a man frantically swimming, fully-clothed, like he was trying to save someone from drowning. From another, he was floating on his back without a care in the world. From a third angle, he was dangling from one ankle (maybe trapped; maybe about to practise a new acrobatic trick). From the fourth side, he could have been leaping, dancing or reaching for something above.

The point is, the epiphany is liberating! Once you see the card's lesson is perspective, and that you can change how you see your situation or yourself, you can respond differently.

I now use this card (with the kind permission of the copyright owners, Monte Farber and Amy Zerner), at the start of my workshops, just after Acknowledgement of Country and Respect to Elders Past, Present and Emerging. I use it, because it quickly teaches participants that - just because one person is "right" doesn't mean everyone else must be "wrong". I love the simplicity and depth of this card. My participants seem to appreciate it too!

(c) Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, used with kind permission

I started working on my book at about the same time as my business, because there was just such a great synergy of events. Don't get me wrong - I weighed up the pros and cons!! Self-publishing can be a costly experience, and I was more interested in my business at the time, because I saw the value in facilitating workshops about wellbeing, respectful communication and behaviour, and being a great leader.

But this book (or rather the publisher) kept nagging me! I was told it would be perfect for Mental Health Month in the US (May), and that it would be one of only two in the genre that Hay House would be considering to take up. My reluctance to write it while establishing my business cost me about a month of writing, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

So, what's it all about? Well, it's about what it is to be human, and starts with a little allegory called "the fool's journey". Have you heard about "the hero's journey" (think Star Wars)? The fool is the uncomplicated version of all of us. We start life needing to trust, and having to learn from our mistakes as well as our mentors.

The first part of the book tells the fool's journey, my way. The second part of the book focuses on the four aspects of how we live our lives:

* Caring and Nurturing … (being)

* Learning and Communicating … (perceiving)

* Working and Devoting … (trying)

* Belonging and Contributing .. (committing)

That is, relationships and relating; curiosity and communication; vocation and indolence; clubs, churches, and communities. Ask yourself - is your cup overflowing with love for others and yourself? Can you cut through lies and deception by using education, evidence, and intuition? When you build your future, do you have good foundations and structure? How do you spend your time, lazily or working for future generations?

Life is not just what you make of it, but how you approach it

This little book only takes three hours to read, cover to cover. The first part is a story: an allegory that helps you realise how much you need others to show you the way, and how much you are needed by others. Then, we take time to think about you in certain situations throughout your life: could you have handled things differently?

But it's more than just a good read. If you want, you can draw the pictures you imagine, as you're reading. This gives you a much deeper understanding of yourself and the other characters in your own life. In fact, I encourage you to draw as many scenes as possible. This helps you to switch off the outside world of worry and hurt, desire and envy, misunderstanding and challenge. You allow yourself to focus on your own life and the roles you play, as well as those others who have shared your life at various times.

Even better, I encourage you to colour in, define and embellish, make your pictures sparkle and sizzle and pop. The more you put into your pictures, the more your inner self / your heart will speak to you. Give it time to speak, and give yourself the chance to listen.

So, how you can change the entire world by changing something in your own world?

The answer? Give me a call or drop me a line. We'll work it out together.

As always, thanks for coming along on the ride with me! I love your company!

Love, light and blessings (if that's what you're in to!!))

Take care


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