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Prologue (Fiction)

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

In the beginning, was the girl. She was alone and free. She wanted nothing, missed nothing, and had nothing. But in her nothingness, she was filled with abundance. In her abundance, she was content. And in her contentment, she was unafraid.

In the beginning, there was darkness. But through the sheer power of her will, little lights formed all around the girl. They glowed and twinkled, shimmered and sparkled, and began to light up the darkness.

There was dark and light. They were equal. She loved them both, in the same passionate way that a parent nowadays loves their newborn infant.

The girl became curious. She wondered what would happen if she spun the lights together? Would it be the same if she spun the darkness too?

She did, and marvelled at the energy she had created. She loved the energy too, in the same way that she loved the darkness and the light.

The girl discovered, to her delight, that small planets formed because of her spinning game. She could pick them up, or roll them through the darkness. She could send them into the whirlpool of spinning darkness, and make them disappear. She could juggle them, and cause them to form orbits around each other, or around larger light-filled planets ... through the sheer power of her will.

The girl chose each planet, and gifted it with its own atmosphere, with it's own terrain, and it's own flora and fauna.

So many planets! And she loved each one, as passionately as she did, the darkness and light.

She chose one planet, a planet with a single moon and a single sun, to discover life on that terrain.

She was naked and free, but that sun which rose each morning and set each night could burn! Although she loved the feeling of the sun's heat against her skin, too much was just too much! So, she experimented with different coverings, and with seasons and climates, until she was comfortable.

She loved her seasons and climates, like she loved her light and dark; passionately, like a parent nowadays loves their tiny baby.

She loved the creatures that inhabited the planet and the vegetation that grew there. All were like her, and all could reproduce through the sheer power of their will - just like her. She could hear their lifeforce as they grew and reproduced. She could smell and taste their sweetness and bitterness, their softness and crunchiness! She would run through her forests and sing with the birds in the sunshine; she would bathe in the moonlight with the frogs; and sometimes, she would stand under a waterfall and marvel at it's force against her small body.

And so it came to be, that she finally decided to have companionship, someone with whom to share all this beautiful creation. Through her will, she formed a daughter inside her, and felt her growing there. As much as the girl loved all her other creations, nothing came close to how she felt about this child growing within. She could feel her spirit. She could feel her little one's will! It was strong!

When the time came, the girl decided that the joy and love she felt was so overwhelming that she needed to temper it with pain. And so, the birth of her daughter was excruciating.

But the agony was worth it.

The girl loved her daughter so much that she shared all she had and all she knew with her. She watched her grow, and took joy in every little thing.

The girl began to grow older too, and wanted her daughter to have sisters. She had twins and triplets, and many more multiple births, as well as single births. All girls.

And so it came to be, that the girl and her daughters were to each other - mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, and friend.

The girl gave all her progeny chromosomes, sparkling swirly trinkets; and as they were all girls too, they all had two X-chromosomes. And the girl, the first girl of all girls, wondered what would happen if her next child missed some genetic information on an X-chromosome? What if they had a Y-chromosome instead?

And so, her next baby was a boy. All the girls excitedly and apprehensively milled around this new thing, not quite knowing what to do with him.

And that is why, to this day, girls and boys just don't know how to live together and communicate in ways that each will understand. Girls don't know what to do with boys, and boys aren't sure how to tell them! And the boys are a little scared of the girls, because they - really - have all the power (whether they use it or not).

rainbow in blue sky, over Australian trees
Moisture in the air changes how we see the sky, we could look at life differently too ...

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