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Heal Country? Heal Souls

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

The theme for NAIDOC in 2021 is "Heal Country", and I've been thinking about what that could mean, as well as why it's important. If you read the very short explanation on the NAIDOC website, you'll see that it has to do with culture and heritage. Sure, it's about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage, but that means nothing to some people, until they realise the connection with their own souls.

Now, if you continue to read, you'll be reading my own musings - which could be completely wrong! But it seems to me, that there has been a spiritual move away from land ownership and land use (across the globe), towards a deeper soul connection with the land and all it provides.

Remember the hippies? Remember new age? I could even go back to the witches of old, and suggest that they too were all about that deep soul connection with the earth. Chances are, you and I are probably related to at least one person who fits into any of these categories!

That soul connection goes back even further. If you feel that bond, from soul to living soul, right now, then you start to know something of that soul connection.

If you walk outside and feel the earth beneath your bare feet, or pick up sand and feel it fall through your fingertips, then you begin to feel that soul connection.

When you stand on a cliff-face, and feel the breeze gently caress your weary temples and ears, your mind stills and you feel at peace with the world. Soul connection.

When you swim in a billabong on a sunny day, under the dappled sunlight through the trees, you feel the water softly wash away all concerns. Soul Connection.

We all need to stop, sometimes, and still our minds. Put our worries to one side, and just be. We need to connect, by using our imaginations, through our souls, to the deepest parts of the earth. We need to feel grounded and safe. We need to feel "belonging".

Imagine if, right now, each one of us sent a part of our spirit right down into the centre of the earth. Our souls would intersect! We would meet on that spiritual plane, and become one!

We also need to rise up and out, and allow our hearts to lift in joy, reaching up towards the heavens. Take all our desires and hopes and launch them into space, in faith that The Benevolent Universe will catch them and make them a reality in our lifetimes.

Who is The Benevolent Universe? My name for God - all there is, was, and will be. An all-inclusive God, who is every other name of God, but also our own Higher Selves. This "God", or "Goddess" has no need for a gender, but has all and none. This "God" or "Goddess" has three aims for us: That we know love, know happiness, and know growth.

But, back to "Heal Country" ...

If we start with that Soul Connection - from our own soul, to the earth, to the heavens, and to all other souls - then we begin to understand how important it is to recognise, protect, and maintain the goodness (the purity, even) in the earth, heavens and souls. We are connected, therefore we need to recognise that connection.

That then means that we need to learn more - about the earth, the heavens, all souls - so we can grow in wisdom and act from a place of wisdom. When we learn, we realise that there is still more to learn! That is Wisdom.

This means, then, learning from our traditional custodians, about their connections and their reverence for the earth, the heavens, and all souls. It also means that we learn from the new generations of scientists, who have learned to conduct research ethically - because acting ethically ensures respect for the participants and all aspects of the research. And finally, it also means that we learn from our spiritual healers and teachers, not about religion or dogma, but about being spiritually aware and making decisions that are spiritually motivated.

The past has shown us that, firstly, history is written by the victors - and those who lose often die without a voice. The past has also shown us that, secondly, we can change the future - either through ignorance or wisdom. What is wisdom? I think I've already answered that, but who knows? Maybe there's more to learn ...

So, let's get back to that Soul Connection. Let's - you and I - send a part of our spirit deep down into the earth beneath us, right now. Let's intersect. Let's - you and I, right now - send a part of our spirit up into the heavens and cover our world with our light, joy, and healing. Maybe our souls will connect to make a golden mesh of light that catches all our hopes and dreams, and our light can make those hopes and dreams reality for all.

Let's heal the patterns of our ancestors, and the effects of our own mistakes and poor judgements. Let's offer our remorse for things that we could have done better (and for the things our forebears did that hurt someone else), and hold forgiveness in our hearts for those who have done wrong (including ourselves and our ancestors). Let's see the inter-generational effects for what they are, and be free of their pain from this day forth. And let's unwind the bonds around the hearts that still hurt, by asking them their stories and giving them a voice.


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