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Party by Proxy

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Having restrictions on our movements over the past year, has got me thinking about creative ways to celebrate life while social distancing.

In Psychology, we sometimes talk about projection. Usually, this is in reference to our propensity to attach feelings, thoughts and behaviours onto someone else, which are actually our own feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

Have you ever thought about it in the opposite direction?

It occurred to me recently. You see, since my parents passed away, I've had photos of them on a sideboard in my dining room. There's a lovely romantic one of them, that takes pride of place, with photos of my siblings (and in-laws) nearby.

Last year, I had a few others that I liked on the sideboard too. But early this year, I found Mum and Dad's holiday snaps. It was time to take them on vacation!

So, I changed the photos on my sideboard and hanging on the wall. Now, I see my parents having fun. Dad's in the snow, throwing a snowball with all his might. Mum's tossing a coin over her shoulder into the Trevi Fountain.

Each time I pass by their photos, I say hello to them, or good morning. I've stayed connected to them, in spirit, all these years. And now, they're taking me on holidays with them.

It's not just in the photos, that I'm enjoying the trip.

I accidentally (serendipitously? ) found a journal the other day, which reminded me of one of my favourite holidays in France.

If you allow your imagination the time and opportunity, it will take you where you need to go, to follow your wanderlust. And you just might find some travel buddies in spirit, to tag along. They're great holiday companions! There when you want them, enjoying the trip by your side.

You could be reminiscing about one of your past holidays. You could be retracing the steps of a loved one's adventure. You could plan your own ultimate trip.

Or, you could study a place that is a mystery to you. Immerse yourself in cookbooks and religious beliefs, in fabrics and perfumes. Try dancing to the music of a foreign people.

There's so much to explore in this world, that we shouldn't be stuck inside four walls, thinking that this is it.

The mind is the traveller, as the gurus would say. What an absolute gift!

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