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[RE]imagine: The Heart of the High Priestess

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

I'm so excited to announce that my third book is coming along; and even more excited because I love the story that I've just finished drafting.

A light-blue heart painted on a slightly darker blue background; titled "Light-hearted", by Mary-Claire Hanlon, acrylic on canvas
Feeling light-hearted!

If you've read my previous books, you'll know that I tend to write them in three parts. That's to keep things easy for you as the reader and for me as the author. I like to keep it light, so the self-transformation within is accessible to anyone.

In Study Skills for Success, those three parts were about getting information in and out of your brain, study techniques for the solo and group contexts, and reducing anxiety and stress.

In [RE]BIRTH: Self-Transformation over Tea and Tarot, those three parts followed the "fool's journey" (Tarot's Major Arcana), some self-reflection about our own journeys, and then some thinking about the future.

If you like, my books invite you to imagine, ponder, and visualise. What you do at the end, is up to you.

So we come to book #3! If you liked [RE]BIRTH, then you will love [RE]imagine. The story is about a girl who lives in a time and place where girls don't get a fair deal. This little girl does things her brother can do, which she's not allowed to do; and it could get her killed. She's brave and smart, but idealistic too. She overcomes adversities by facing her fears and doing what she feels called to do. Although the title has "high priestess" in it, it's not a religious book. It's a book about what you will do, and what you will sacrifice, when the cause feels worthwhile. These crazy times have been full of sacrifices, and causes that speak from the heart of humanity.

Unlike [RE]BIRTH, I name the main characters in [RE]imagine, and hopefully you'll resonate with them as much as I do.

To celebrate finally getting through this manuscript, I've decided on a new members-only gift. If you would like 50% off the purchase price of your second (or third) book, then read on.

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I'll then send you a code, so you can get 50% off your next book purchase!

I'm now looking for pre-publishing feedback, so please also let me know if you're interested in that too!

I can't wait!!!!

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