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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

What do you do to lift your spirits when you feel "a bit blah"?

My parents, when they were alive, would swim at the local ocean baths every day they could. I remember Mum getting quite antsy if she missed her swim, or Dad was being tardy.

My sister has been swimming every morning for years now, too. She's one of the most athletic of the family, so, for me, going swimming with her has always been a daunting prospect.

I spent Christmas with her and some of her family, and it got me thinking about going with her.

Having thought I'd never swim again (because I have never been the sporty type, or a decent swimmer), my old swimsuits had gone to charity. So, I got some cheap replacements, and headed in early this morning.

As I arrived, the wind buffeted my car so much, that I checked the forecast. The temperature was 17 (Celsius), and the wind was 30kph! In plainspeak, that's cold and windy!

We tottered down to the water's edge, after my sister introduced me to a couple of her friends. My sister slid into the water like a dolphin, her friend stepped determinedly but gracefully down the steps into the cold water, and I, well I provided Christmas carols!

With each step down, I exclaimed, "fa"; sometimes, "fa fa fa fa", I was so cold!

Finally, I just did a breaststroke and got over it!

My sister swam, while her friend and I kept each other company, walking up and down the length of the pool. The water warmed up soon enough. Neither of us counted how many laps we did, because we were in the moment together, present to one another, and totally engaged in our conversation.

We all got out when we were cold, and enjoyed a hot shower in the ladies' changeroom. If I'd brought dry clothes I could have joined them, for a bacon and egg roll, and a hot coffee. But alas, I needed to come home.

As I drove, I realised how invigorated I felt. The life force was pumping, buzzing, through every cell in my body. Despite the fact that I hadn't made any great effort physically, I felt awesome.

Maybe it was the bracing cold, maybe the activity in the water. Maybe it was the warm welcome and the pleasant conversation. It could have been the hot (if quick) shower, or the experience of watching a beautiful day unfold along a divine coast.

Sunshine reflected off a calm sea
The Tasman Sea, off the Newcastle coast

Whatever it was, it raised my vibe.

It made me feel more energised, more motivated, more inspired and much more alive than I felt beforehand.

So here's what I'd like to encourage you to do. Find a pool and go for a dip. If you'd prefer, swim. If you'd rather, walk in the water. Either way, you get that gentle resistance that is good for your muscles.

No-one cares if you're swimming or walking; they have their own thing to do. And there are plenty of people who walk in the water, so you won't be alone if you choose that option.

Enjoy a little time floating on your back, too. The weightlessness feels sublime.

If you're looking for a way to lift your spirits, this will help. Try being friendly to strangers, and see how positively they respond to you. You never know, you could make friends for life, find your soul mate, or get your dream job. And if you don't? You still won't regret it!

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