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Yedasentience at Christmas

Maybe, like me, someone gave you chocolates for Christmas. On a hot sunny day, a Lindt Lindor ball might go mushy, and you'll have to lick the foil inside the wrapper, so as not to waste it's loveliness.

But, you see that this special someone has given you a gift that you'll love, and you reach in for a first touch. Gingerly, you test it's give, so as not to ruin the integrity of the soft ganache encased in a ball of perfectly made chocolate.

Gently, you unfurl the foil, to reveal your prize. It's perfect! In your mouth it goes, caressing your lips before filling your every crevice, and then, pop! The ganache oozes out across your tongue.

And then you reach for another. Repeat. Another. Repeat. Again, again.

Until they're all gone. Or, maybe, there's two left. You may as well finish the pack.

Why does your body not tell you, "Please! No more! "?

Why can't you stop? Your logical brain will tell you that you've had enough at two. At three, your brain will tell you you're naughty; you might even feel guilty. At four, your logical brain has given up on you, and gone to watch TV.

What would happen, if you had that first chocolate, and walked away to do something else for 15 minutes? Would you come back and have a second chocolate after washing the dishes, or brushing your teeth?

Here's another alternative. What would happen if you slowed down the experience of eating that first chocolate? It really is divine. Make it a magical experience. Make it sensual. Turn off the lights, use a blindfold. Be somewhere quiet.

When, at first, you touch the wrapped delight, feel how it feels against your fingertips. Feel the wrapper. Feel the give in the truffle casing.

Lift it slowly from the packet. Place it on the table, like an offering. Take a deep breath of thankfulness and then pick it up again.

When you open it, softly unfurl the wrapper, noticing which way the ends have been twisted like a bonbon. Lift it up toward your face and smell it's heady scent. Let it waft over you, enveloping your skin.

Examine the chocolate truffle that you've just unwrapped in the dark. With a fingertip, find the dimple on one side, and the matching chocolate plug in the other. Imagine the hollow chocolate casing being filled with runny ganache. Imagine all this is done by hand. Visualise delicate fingers placing the plug into the filled casing so none of that precious ganache is spilled.

You have not yet consumed the truffle. You have not yet enjoyed its flavour. With reverence, allow a thumb and finger to lift it closer to your lips. 💋 How does it feel?

Now lift it up. Closer now, to your nose and mouth, the aroma is stronger. It fills the inside of your head. It's like it is taking over your brain. Pull back!

Take a deep breathe. Take another. And a third.

Now, again, lift it to your lips. Kiss it, like Harry Potter kissed the snitch. Barely. Touch it to your tongue now. How does it feel? How does it smell? How will it taste?

Remember, you're in a quiet dark place, you have slowed down the process as though this is the only chocolate left in the world and you deserve to enjoy it.

When you place it inside your mouth, embrace the chocolate tenderly. Sense its sweetness, it's saltiness, it's everythingness.

Don't let the ganache pop yet!

Let the ball roll around in your mouth. Allow your tongue to caress and play with it. Stroke it with the tip of your tongue.

Are you ready? Are your senses primed? Go ahead and pop the chocolate and feel the runny warm ganache trickle around your mouth, hiding amongst your teeth and gums. Hunt it down with your tongue, like a stalker stalking prey - slowly, quietly, patiently.

How long did it take?

There is a third alternative, that I'm going to suggest. And though I've used Lindt Lindor balls as my example, these strategies can be used with any food or beverage. Here's the third idea. Just stop at two. Make two your magic number. No more than two per day.


How you work with your magic number is up to you, you're the one in control. But however you choose to use this most magic of numbers, don't waste it! Make a commitment to "2". Tell everyone that you have now made a covenant with yourself and your vice; tell them, "No more than two", and ask them to help with accountability.

And hey, we could work on this together! Book a session now.


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