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A Letter From Your Future Self

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I had the pleasure and privilege of being the first guest speaker in over 6 months (due to covid), at Newcastle Personal Development Meetup Group yesterday. The organisers, Michelle and Troy, generously pay the Meetup fees and room hire (@GotYourBackSista), and hopefully are able to recoup their investment through donations from attendees.

I'm thankful for their kind hospitality and the opportunity to share something special.

It just goes to show that we all have ways of giving to our communities. We do what feels right for us, and the rewards come (often in unexpected ways).

I realised that I had forgotten to advertise, meeting most participants for the first time; and was also glad to reconnect with some from before.

My host, Troy, invited us all to share what gives us joy, to start with; and then I began my talk, by asking, "What are your hopes for 2022, your wishes? "

It's around this time of year that we often talk about new year's resolutions. It's interesting that I rarely find people making them, despite having hopes and wishes. In my twenties, we all had something - to get a better job, to improve our weight, to find love, to save for our first car or even an apartment.

I wonder if we see less value in new year's resolutions?

I was grateful that attendees participated, especially since I did a quirky little take on some of the activities I often use in coaching.

One activity is a way to interpret dreams. I converted it to an interactive game, in which those who wanted to take part could do so, using their phones.

Participants listed 3 items from a dream, together with what they had been thinking of lately. I asked them to include the items, along with their first names, in a text to me, and whether or not they consented to being my volunteer for the next part.

I checked the texts, to ensure I didn't pick someone who could be embarrassed by sharing their secrets.

Then, I went through the rest of the activity with someone who kindly volunteered.

The last part of this technique calls for the participant to read a list of words and phrases that I've written down, in response to a word association game in the middle.

But, reading those words isn't all. I asked my participant to "make up a letter to your present self from your future self" using those words. Off the cuff, without thinking about it, you're brain links the words and phrases into sentences that make sense.

What comes out of your mouth seems to be exactly what you need to hear.

I'm not sure if the other participants heard what my volunteer said (we were indoors and a face mask does muffle a lot), but what I heard was pure intuitive genius.

This idea, that your future self can write your present self a letter, is not new. It works on so many levels. You get clarity, and so much more.

From a mural in Union Street, Tighes Hill

Imagine you are you, some years from now, and you are successful in every area of your life. You take a pen to paper, and write down a letter to your present self. What would you say?

I did it a couple of weeks ago, and it was so moving, that I incorporated a version of it in the last part of my talk yesterday (a visualisation that included some more coaching tools). I didn't say that it was my own letter to self; I invited my audience to imagine it was their future self writing to their present self.

The visualisation was designed to allow participants to feel so empowered, that they also felt charismatic.

Charisma comes from confidence, and confidence comes from clarity.

Just think about that for a moment. Once you gain clarity, there is an immediate flow-on effect. Clarity allows you to release uncertainty and worry, and you even let go of fear. That's a trapped emotion, set free. And a limiting self-belief is unbound as well.

That clarity also gives you confidence. Almost magically, you start to see yourself in a better light. Because you see a way forward, and some steps in that direction, you feel empowered.

When you take that first step, that brave first step, you are empowered.

Each step is a brave first step, in a way, and you feel more confident with each step.

Others see you taking action, and feel your confidence, and they want to follow you. A person with a sense of direction, is charismatic. And now, you become a leader.

So, I now invite you to write a letter to your present self, from your amazingly happy and healthy future self. Be your own best friend and your own favourite mentor.

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