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Finding the ❤ for Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 11

I once read that "suffering is an option" and I like the idea that our minds can be that powerful. But the fact is, that until we master that ability, we're stuck with whatever we have!

So, if you're single, this post is for you.

But, if you're in a relationship and you know someone who is single, please forward this post to them, and ask them to read it. Thanks ...

So, Singletons....

First, I want you to make a list of all the nice parks in your neighbourhood. You will want a location, for what we're now planning!

Next, make a list of all the people you know who are single. Include your siblings, cousins, aunties, uncles, nieces and nephews, co-workers and neighbours. Anyone who is single, and meets the age of consent.

Your list should include everyone you know, who is single, whom you don't fancy. Why? You'll work that out soon!

Now, choose your location, so people in your list can get to it easily, and send everyone an invitation to your "Bring a plate and a mate day", or (drum roll, please) Schmingle!

Your invitation will need some instructions for your invitees.

Your invitees should bring another single. That's because they'll be introducing them to someone else. That way, everyone expands the number of singles they know by at least one new person. Use the criteria I listed above; don't be picky!

Each person attending should bring something to share, like a plate of covid- safe food, or a bottle of drink (consider the non-alcoholic beverages). This gives everyone an icebreaker. It also gives everyone permission to walk up to a stranger and introduce themselves.

So you're all organised, everyone should also bring their own cup, napkin, and mobile phone (or pen and paper, or cards), so people who hit it off can swap contact details.

Encourage everyone to mix, by sharing what they brought, but also by mentioning things they might like to do during the week to come.

Some ideas might include a meetup group, a pottery or art class, or a farmers market or writing class. Maybe you have a whatson website or app with your local council so you can mention gigs by local performers, or a Landcare group. Some might be interested in a sustainability workshop, joining a Universityof the 3rd Age (U3A) group, or a park run.

The point is, you're providing an opportunity for singles to mingle and find like-minded souls who could become new soulmates.

Because you have been inclusive, you have allowed people who might not have found each other to come together.

You little cupid, you!

Oh, and you just never know, you too could find the love of your life!

Just ask yourself, "Do I want every aspect of my life to be a 10/10?" Well, it's never too late (unless my diary is full).

All you need to do, to book in for your first coaching session, is choose! You probably know at least 3-4 people, who have come to mind while you've read this post. Why not buy them a gift certificate for their birthday? It doesn't matter where they are, because coaching is actually best when delivered over the phone. And there's the absolutely fantastic 8-Week Breakthrough Results Program, if you are really committed to living your most authentic life.

Now, maybe you need some other tools - such as books, meditations, meditation school, a tarot and oracle card reading, or to consider what kinds of strategies you need in your life (Ahem. I am Certified Results Coach, and you can book a free strategy session over the phone, anywhere in the world).

Feel free to like, comment, and share ...

Please remember, if you like what I have to say, please feel free to purchase books and meditations, and to leave a comment! Two happy reviews on Amazon and other online retailers earn subscribers a 50% discount on their next book (if both are purchased from this website).

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