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Updated: Sep 28, 2023

I've been reading a book by a well-known author, that details her rise from leaving high school to her international acclaim for work in the metaphysical arts.

At one point, the author described herself as a metaphysician. The term resonated with me. We'd both studied psychology, and worked in mental health (she, as a practitioner and me as a researcher). But, we both felt a more spiritual calling. That calling is to use spirituality as a healing method.

That might sound a bit trite! But the fact is, we all have this capacity. We are all able to tune in to our psychic core, and switch on our intuition. And from there, we can focus on healing.

Like the author of the book that I've been reading, I recognise my own ability to bring peace to others. As much as I do receive and welcome verbal feedback, I also already know this, because I feel it.

The well of peace is within and around me.

The well of peace is All-That-Is. It is god, God; it is all names for that universal energy of creation, protection, and inspiration. My name for it is The Benevolent Universe. It is also my Higher Self.

What is your name for this? Holy Spirit. Holy Father. Holy Mother. Holy One. Holy Ones. Holy Self.

Many meditators use " Ohm" as a verbalisation, but there is another. It's the sound "Ah". This sound is in some common names for deities. When you say "Ah" out loud, it brings it's own sense of peace.

Meditation really doesn't have to be complicated. The suggestion above, is pretty easy.

Think about when you are exercising - you count the repetitions as you go, yes? When I do my bed exercises before rising each day, my reps are slowed down to match my deep breathing. It switches off any intrusive thoughts. Try it!

The thing with meditation is, to ask yourself what you'd like to achieve by meditating. The above suggestion is great for ruining rumination. But if you want to achieve another purpose, a visualisation might be a better choice.

For example, if you're shy, you might want to try Overcome Shyness, and then visualise yourself being brave in a particular social situation, and successfully achieving a friendship.

The same goes, if you're scared of flying. Try the Fear of Flying meditation, then see yourself on a plane going to a desired destination, enjoying all the flight has to offer (and then landing safely, of course).

But what if you just want to relax? What if you feel so overwhelmed that you can't think or sleep? Try out a meditation, and know that you can!

Want to enjoy life's pleasures? Want to find love? Here's your official invitation to see your successful self, succeeding at exactly that!

But, what if you're looking for something more? Maybe you want to reset each day? Or work on opening and using your third eye? I'd like to invite you to use these meditations, and visualise as you do. You'll find a very deep connection to the many millions of other Lightworkers around the world, making it a safer and happier place. Welcome!

Each meditation can be used on it's own. There are no right or wrong ways. But, if you get comfortable (remembering to support your lower back, especially), you will have a transcendent experience. Let yourself go. Give in to the experience, because you are safe.

Try one each day. Make an appointment with your Higher Self. See 12.00 and think, "It's time for midday meditation", and ease into it.


Take the Midday Meditation Challenge! Join the group on your free "Spaces by Wix" app (Centre Serendipity), and share with other members. You might even like to meet!

If you'd prefer an online program, why not try Meditation School? It's easy, and you'll definitely benefit!


What was the book?

The Lightworker's Way, by @Doreen Virtue

@Hay House, 1997.


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