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When Would Intention Setting Work?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Part of working as a successful Results Coach, is continuing professional development, and I've just finished the best course I've ever done. It was 6 days of intensive coaching immersion, through which I experienced my own breakthroughs - just like my clients do.

I'd like to focus on just one aspect for now, and see if I can teach you about intention setting, so it will work for you.

I used to think intention setting was bogus.

Not anymore!

Firstly, I wasn't setting my intentions properly. Secondly, I wasn't committed to the process. And, thirdly, I wasn't accountable to anyone.

Well, last week, all that changed. I learned how intention setting works, from a neuroscience perspective. That was definitely speaking my language! I also discovered that it works really quickly.

I'll give you an example. The first intention that I set, was one that all 313 participants of my course had, because it was relevant and easy for the trainer to refer to throughout the course. I wrote my intention on the front, with my action question on the back. I've actually added an extra action question to mine, as well.

Below, you can see two cards, but normally you use one (front and back) per intention, and you write it out every day. You put in it your pocket, and take it out at least 5 times, reading front and back aloud every time. See the crease down the middle? You fold it, so your intention is inside your action question.

Well, this worked overnight, in that my questions were answered. Now, I'm not saying that new 8-Week Breakthrough Results clients filled my inbox overnight (I didn't list this new program until Friday, after the course finished).

I'm saying, my questions were answered, so that I awoke with clarity and a great sense of direction. I knew exactly the next step to take, and was filled with excitement to go ahead and take action! And it worked.

I felt more alive than I have in a long, long, time.

It didn't stop there. Part of the course included visualisations (which, incidentally, I love delivering). I was being coached by someone who was new to this, and the process identified for me that I was ready to get back out there and be open to love ❤ ... so what do you think I did?

I set a new intention! Time to open my heart to romantic love! It was scary, before, but after my visualisation .... I'm not so scared anymore. So, here it is ..

For years, I have felt so invisible. I mentioned it to one of my colleagues (who, incidentally, is gorgeous), and she said, "welcome to the club", because this is how women in their fifties often feel.

I've come up with some action steps, and acted on them. But, out of the blue, I went to Coles yesterday afternoon, and the place was full of men shopping for groceries. They were all (without exception) shopping without a woman. One had a little girl, and approached me ....!

I was so unprepared that I didn't take advantage of the situation. Alas, another gorgeous man goes into What-If Land.

There's more to intention setting than just writing on a card. What you write, follows a formula. What you do with it, follows rules. Commitment and accountability are incredibly important.

So, if you want to improve anything in your life, you need to step up. Nothing will change if you keep trying the same routines, over and over.

Whether you're experiencing retirement or redundancy, an expanding brood or an empty nest, or you want more vocational fulfillment, material and financial security, more quality leisure time, study success, spiritual enlightenment, better health and wellbeing ..... if you want to improve relationships with your family, friends and special someone, or to find the love of your life ... I know that I can definitely help you with all your transitions and transformations ...

All you need to do, is book in for your first coaching session. You probably know at least 3-4 people, who have come to mind while you've read this post. Why not buy them a gift certificate for Christmas or their birthday? It doesn't matter where they are, because coaching is actually best when delivered over the phone. And there's the absolutely fantastic 8-Week Breakthrough Results Program, if you are really committed to living your most authentic life.

Just ask yourself, "Do I want every aspect of my life to be a 10/10?" Well, it's never too late (unless my diary is full).


Now, maybe you need some other tools - such as books, meditations, meditation school, a tarot and oracle card reading, or to consider what kinds of transitions you need to make in your life (Ahem. I am Certified Results Coach, and you can book a free strategy session over the phone, anywhere in the world).


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