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❤ Your Path Art!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

I found a tub of old chalk in my shed, and put it out at my letter box, in the hope that the kids who walk past my house to the cycleway would have some fun drawing.

At first, it seemed that no-one could read my mind ... the footpath remained bare.

Then, I came home from meeting with a client (all very COVID-safe), to discover the most wonderful surprise!

Chalk drawing of a grey nurse shark, by PCS
Awesome art by PCS

I can't tell you how happy this made me! 💞 I was like a kid on the best Christmas morning, ever. I left a little message to ask if it would be okay to reproduce on my website, and the next time I looked, ticks were added to the picture. I guess that means yes (I hope so).

When covid started, there was a thing for a while, where we put teddy bears in our windows for the children to look for. It was a way to get them out walking, and help them and their families to feel connected in our communities.

Well, you should hear the squeals of delight, when people (but especially the little ones) come upon this picture. People do their best to not step on the chalk, because they value the picture ... and, I think, the artist.

What a gift!

Every time I go to the front gate, or to the windows along the front of my house, I look at this picture and smile. And my smile is the kind that is a deeply felt appreciation, and even love, for this person who has brightened our neighbourhood.

And I'm still excited to see it, every time! It gets me out in the garden watering my new plants and living life, chatting with the passers-by.

I've found myself dreaming of more pictures, that speak to my heart's need for the freedom of a holiday.

And this morning, I awoke and opened up the house for the morning, and you know what I found? A blue whale! 💙

I'll check to make sure that I can share it too ....

A pack of chalk doesn't cost much, but sharing it can bring so much joy! The pictures get strangers talking, which is priceless. When was the last time you visited an art gallery or museum, and spoke with a stranger there?

You never know who in your neighbourhood needs some cheering up. Why not add a little #PathArt of your own? You just might make a new friend ...

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