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There's a Coach for Everything!

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Have you ever noticed how athletes who succeed at their sport, have coaches? The ones who have a family member as their coach have a conflict of interests (and boy, I'd hate to grow up in that household). The ones who really thrive have someone who sees their potential, and nurtures it; but also sees their weak spots and finds ways to overcome their sporting inadequacies.

That's not to say those coaches always do a great job on the personal front (some sports stars can be quite rude and unlikable, while others attract the admiration of all they encounter).

Why do these people have coaches (and for very long times)? 🤔

What those sports coaches are able to do - is to see what their clients can't. You've got to be someone else to get over your Imposter Syndrome, and to get past your own ego. And the fact is, we can't be two people at once - we can't be ourselves and be able to look upon ourselves objectively. What do Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Duchovny and Hilary Swank have in common with Serena Williams and Roger Federer, and every successful athlete who ever lived? 🤔

You know it: they have coaches!

Successful CEOs have coaches. Ex-Google CEO, Eric Schmidt said... “Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who’s a coach. Somebody who can watch what they’re doing and say, “Is that what you really meant? Did you really do that?” They can give them perspective. The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.

Let's unpack that, because what Mr Schmidt said has a few important things going for it.

  • If you want to be famous (or successful at something), a coach is a good bet.

  • A coach witnesses your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, nonjudgmentally.

  • A coach can help you to reflect on situations, interactions, and emotions.

  • A coach might call you out when you get stuck in a Victim-Persecutor-Rescuer groove, and help you to release yourself from that emotionally-exhausting habit.

  • You can practise what you want to do or say with a coach, and they will give you honest feedback, and help you to find better ways of expressing yourself.

  • A new perspective is liberating.

So, what do you and I have in common with Eric Schmidt, and all those other successful people? Well, we can all call on a coach to help with anything, like improving ...

  • a billion-dollar business like Google, or a tiny fledgling start-up ...

  • a relationship with your children, or your aging parents ...

  • your health, and the wellbeing of loved ones ...

  • your income stream, and managing increasing wealth ...

  • your ability to laugh and have fun ...

  • your ability to find the love you deserve ❤️

  • your job and promotion prospects ...

  • your outcomes when dealing with redundancy or retirement ...

So, let's look at your relationships with others, and think about which relationships could be improved. Why is that? Is there something you could do (or not do, as the case may be) to stop the bickering, nagging, swearing, and other frustrating behaviours?

What about the things you do with your day? Do you feel like you are productive and valuable in your work? Are you bored with your job, but scared to get another? Are you scared to speak up and ask for a promotion? What would get you past this point?

If you are studying, how do you feel about your prospects? Do you get to September every year, exhausted from trying so hard, and wonder if you'll ever succeed at this?

Do you have a business which just doesn't seem to succeed, no matter what you try? Wonder what you're doing wrong? Do you see others succeeding and think, "Why not me?"

❤️ And singletons - you know I've been thinking a lot about you lately!! The more of you that I coach, the more I can invite to a #Schmingle! Don't you think it's time you found your special someone?

Did you know that millions of people around the world, from all walks of life, are getting the most amazing benefits from coaching right now, especially in these turbulent times? Yes, even I benefit from coaching! The funny thing is, that although I come up with everything I need (because that is the beautiful thing about being coached - the inspiration; but also I know what I'm doing), being coached provides me with accountability.

If you read the last couple of blog posts, you'll know that I am working toward improving my health. I'm working on swapping a good habit in, and a bad habit out. Or let me re-word that. I'm swapping an incredibly empowering healthful habit in, for a disempowering unhealthful habit. Did you notice, I didn't say anything about losing weight?

You know, from my posts, that I understand what it's like to keep trying (failure is a sign that you have given it a go). You know I understand what it feels like to be the coaching client; and I have both empathy, and respect for your privacy. You might also discover that I know what it feels like to succeed (ahem, I have a PhD, and I started my tertiary education at the age of 33 years).

My coaching has helped people with public speaking (even for international conferences and prestigious competitions), overcoming relationship trepidation (and getting back in the game), looking for and applying for a job, getting a job after decades out of the workforce, getting a better job (and being really happy in it!), moving forward in a new business (and succeeding at it), leadership and fostering proteges, respectful communication and behaviour, successful studying, reflection on self-worth and discovering life purpose. Actually, it's a longer list, but we have better things to do than read lists!!!

So, if you've ever wanted to: ✅ Live a happier, healthier life! ✅ Inspire others with your confidence and competence! ✅ Believe in yourself and your self-worth! Then I invite you to explore what's possible in your very own FREE and PERSONAL Strategy Session. Please book your time - it's half an hour that will give you a fresh perspective on just how capable you are of achieving your dreams. This way, you can see for yourself if (that) coaching is right for you. 🙂

Would you like to think more, without making any commitments? The Strategy Session is commitment-free, but one step back from that is the coaching quiz - why not take it? There are no right or wrong answers, and there are no mandatory questions (if you don't want to answer it, then move on to the next question). The online part takes about 30 minutes, and then the free-writing part takes as long as you need. It will definitely give you some clarity, for free.

  • Just choose the option that feels right for you and pay when you book.

  • We'll chat about the results you want, what you've done so far, what seems to be holding you back, and what you could try next.

  • We might do a visualisation, if I feel that it's called for, or if that's something you'd like (given time) - my visualisations are amazingly relaxing and revealing - you will feel so empowered by them!

  • We'll also chat about what accountability options might work for you, and then ... you get a chance to test your wings.

  • I'll be there for you, so you won't feel abandoned or alone, and each time you check in with me, you will be encouraged to keep going.

  • And, you take charge in booking your next session. I don't nag or harangue you. You are in control. It's easiest to book at the end of each session, so you know you have the day and time you want. Weekly, to start with, is best - until you become accustomed to how coaching works (but we don't need to be bound to weekly).

Coaching is the easiest way to create a fulfilling lifestyle (even if you doubt yourself or don't know much about coaching right now) ...

✔️ Learn how to become your own best coach (even if you don't have experience yet)

✔️ Discover the essential keys to becoming a Living Success Story (including loving yourself)

✔️ Get clarity on your Purpose and Needs (and the confidence to put yourself out there)

✔️ 5 easy steps to being an Irresistible Human (that's you, in case you didn't realise)

✔️ Action Steps that work for you (even if you're incredibly busy)

✔️ And so much more...

Best of all, my methods work really well for anyone, regardless of their current situation.😉


Just ask yourself, "Do I want every aspect of my life to be a 10/10?" Well, it's never too late (unless my diary is full).

All you need to do, to book in for your first coaching session, is choose!

You probably know at least 3-4 people, who have come to mind while you've read this post. Why not buy them a gift certificate? It doesn't matter where they are, because coaching can be delivered over the phone jsut as well as in person (possibly even better over the phone). And there's the absolutely fantastic 8-Week Breakthrough Results Program, if you are really committed to living your most authentic life.

Now, maybe you need some other tools - such as books, meditations, meditation school, a tarot and oracle card reading, or to consider what kinds of strategies you need in your life (Ahem. I am Certified Results Coach, and you can book a free strategy session over the phone, anywhere in the world).

Feel free to like, comment, and share ...

Please remember, if you like what I have to say, please feel free to purchase books and meditations, and to leave a comment! Two happy reviews on Amazon and other online retailers earn subscribers a 50% discount on their next book (if both are purchased from this website).


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